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Dan and Barb Ho began traveling to Ukraine in 1994. For the first several years, their ministry focused on meeting the needs of poor and needy families, planting churches and providing finances for various fledging ministries.

In 2004 they linked onto a newly started orphanage called Kind Samaritan Children’s home in Mariupol, Ukraine. Since then they have been raising and sending support to enable this Christian orphanage to exist.

God has done an amazing work throughout these past 15+ years. Numerous lives have been impacted by the support and care many have given.

Here are a few of these stories...

Kristina came to the orphanage when she was a young girl. She lived in Kind Samaritan Home for 7 years before moving to the Kiev region, to live in a missions home owned by Barb and Dan Ho.

Kristina attended beautician school and learned to cut hair. She is now working as a nanny and loves to cook and bake while serving others.


Victoria (Vika) also lived in the children’s home since she was 11. She too moved to Kiev to live with Kristina in the missions house there. Vika is a gifted photographer and loves God. She is now married to a wonderful Christian man with whom she recently had a son.

Natasha is the newest girl to move into the missions’ house. She lived in the children’s home in Mariupol since she was 7 years old. Natasha moved to the western part of Ukraine a few years ago due to the war with Russia and recently made a move to live in the missions house in Kiev.




Ulya and Marina are twins. They spent 3 years in the orphanage and now also live in Barb and Dan’s mission home. They both studied baking and plan to work in this field.




Oksana also lived in the mission’s house. She too studied baking and recently married a man who loves God as she does. They plan to live in the Kiev area.

And then there are others like Natasha, Alena, Imran, Katya, Ulia and the list goes on.

These are lives that have been impacted because of the choices some have made.

Your support goes to help other children like these, children who need help and hope.

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