Giving in Uncertainty

If there’s one word that summarizes today’s world it’s Uncertainty. We honestly don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone next week or next year. How can we commit to give to ministries like Orphans Matter?

My husband Danny and I have been in ministry for over 40 years. One of our main ministries has been funding and starting new churches and ministries, such as Orphans Matter. Trust me when I say we’re not, and never have been wealthy, not even close. But God has used us to give; and that giving is based on something we learned early in our marriage.

Rather than give out of our excess, we choose to give by faith, out of obedience to God’s leading. 

We don’t always have access to the available funds needed to fulfill a commitment we’ve taken on, but that’s where faith comes in. 

Basically, we give–or commit to give–as we sense God is leading; trusting him to provide what we do not have. Not only has he always provided, but we have been blessed as well. Our blessing has come from not only knowing he is using us to meet others’ needs, but also in seeing him work to provide for those needs in miraculous ways, as only he can.

When we do not know what tomorrow may bring, remember to keep your eyes on the one who does. 

God knows.

He is able when you are not.

He can when you can’t.

In this world of uncertainty you can be certain of this: what you give to God will not only bless those needing it here on earth, but it will be a blessing that will last for eternity.